Jan Brooks and Barbara Thorn, the founding members of our charity, cutting a cake for our 20th Anniversary in 2013.

Breakthrough Breast Cancer merged with Breast Cancer Campaign in 2015 to form Breast Cancer Now – the UK’s largest breast cancer research charity, dedicated to funding research into this devastating disease. Breast Cancer Now is registered in the Isle of Man, with the Registered Charity Number 1200.

As Breakthrough Breast Cancer Isle of Man, we raised an amazing £1,651,331.78 over 23 years of operation. During this time we campaigned for services here in the Isle of Man, raised funds, and raised awareness. We educated people at social groups and schools to teach others what they should be checking for… TLC – Touch, Look and Check!

We have continued to fundraise and raise awareness as volunteers on the Isle of Man for Breast Cancer Now and as we approach our 25th anniversary of fundraising for research into breast cancer, we are proud to announce that we have raised over £2,046,100.56 to date.

About Breast Cancer Now

Right now, breast cancer is at a tipping point. More women are surviving. But more are being diagnosed than ever before. One in eight women in the UK will face breast cancer in their lifetime. And every 45 minutes, another woman dies from the disease.

We’re going to change that.

Breast Cancer Now believes that if we all act now by 2050 everyone diagnosed with breast cancer will live and live well. We are passionate about the work that Breast Cancer Now carries out to find ways to prevent breast cancer, to improve early detection, to develop better treatments and to learn more about secondary breast cancer.