Cryptic Clues

Drink For Religious Lady – Port St Mary
Colour To Show The Way – Blue Point
Young Bovine Relating To The Male – Calf Of Man
Not Off A Food Container – Onchan
Angry At Number Of Routes – Cross Fourways
No Money At A Large Settlement – Poor Town
Midlands City Is A Peaceful Place – Derby Haven
Part For Burger Chain In A Cargo Space – Maughold
Welsh Lake Used As A Lifting Device – Ballacraine
No Hair Finishes First – Baldwin
Usually Found At A Wedding – Bride
Tt Winner Found In Liverpool – Crosby
Boy That Sounds Like He Could Be In A Hurry – Glen Rushen
Used To Be Found In Schools – Blackboards
Drink Where Water Can Be Found – Brandywell
Join Together At Places Of Work – Union Mills
Get On Your Horse Mr Walker – Mount Murray
This Man Will Do It How He Likes – Ronaldsway
Old Kings Valley – Orrisdale
Young Sheep Takes A Tumble – Lambfell
Used For Making Jewellery From Last Part Of Tv Soap – Silverdale
A Bright Colour – Scarlett
Part Of Mountain Used For Measuring – Mount Rule
Maybe Used By King Arthur – Round Table
Sounds Like This Could Belong To The Church – Abbeylands


Green Cash – Cregneash
Fairy No Poet – Point Of Ayre
Owns Cattle – Castletown
Lean Self – Snaefell
Dip Or Restock – Port Soderick
Lad Buys Goa – Douglas Bay
Hug A Ball – Ballaugh
A Blank Rule – Laurel Bank
In Report – Port Erin
Own Ram – Marown

Breast Cancer Questions

Breast Cancer Is The Most Common Cancer In The UK – True
Men Can’t Develop Breast Cancer – False
Survival Rates For Breast Cancer Have Increased Dramatically – True
All Lumps Are Cancerous – False
1 In 8 Women In The Uk Will Face Breast Cancer In Their Lifetime – True
Breast Cancer Now Is The Uk’s Largest Breast Cancer Charity – True
Early Detection Saves Lives – True
Practice Tlc Every Year – False
Funding Research Is Vital In The Fight Against Breast Cancer – True
Breast Cancer Awareness Month Is In July – False